Frequently Asked Questions

Family Photoshoots:

Before the session...

How do I book a session?
To book in a session contact me via the website, or Facebook page messenger function, or via

How far in advance do I need to book?
There's no such thing as booking too far in advance and to ensure of securing the date you're thinking of I would recommend booking in as soon as possible. For newborn photoshoots you can book in by sending me a message with your due date as soon as you have had your 20 week scan.

Do I need to pay a deposit to book a session?
For Minishoots a £5 non refundable deposit is required, for full photoshoots this is £10.

How many images will I receive?
This is hard to give an exact answer as it depends on a number of factors on the day (such as how willing the models are!), but for mini shoots it's usually an average of 15-20 edited images, and full photoshoots are usually an average of 40-50 edited images.

What is the difference between a mini and full photoshoot?
A mini photoshoot lasts approximately 15 minutes, whilst a full photoshoot lasts approximately an hour. A mini photoshoot includes a free 7x5 print with extra packages available on top. A full photoshoot includes the high resolution images on a disk with a print release.

How old does my newborn need to be for their photoshoot?
There are two main options for a newborn photoshoot- a lifestyle shoot, or a studio shoot. With lifestyle photoshoots the aim is to capture natural photos of your family in your own home environment. Because of this there are no age restrictions or recommendations for when we complete this. If you're wanting posed newborn shoots then it is recommended that these are completed when the baby is 5-14 days old. This is because they are very sleepy (although it may not seem it!) during this period, and are more easily able to be posed. Pre-booking is essential, once you've had your 20 week scan you can contact me with your due date so I can pop you in the diary. We then confirm the day and time of the photoshoot once your baby has arrived.

Do you edit the photos?
I edit all of the selected images. My editing process includes selecting the best images from the session and then editing each image individually. My editing style is to try and keep things as natural as possible- after all you want to be able to recognise your little ones and not to have such heavily edited pictures that it no longer looks like them! I shoot with high quality RAW files and edit pictures for things such as exposure and contrast.

What if I need to cancel?
I understand that things can occur unexpectedly which mean that you may need to cancel your photoshoot. I ask for as much notice as possible so that I can offer your session to someone else. If you have opted for a cake to be provided for you in a cake smash session I ask for at least 7 days notice so that I can notify the cake baker- unfortunately if notice is provided with any less notice than this then you will be liable for the cost of the cake. If you do cancel a photoshoot your deposit is transferrable if you wish to rebook.

What is a print release?
A print release gives you permission to reproduce the images and make an unlimited number of prints for personal use only. (This is different to having the copyright of the images in that the photographer retains the copyright of the image)

How do I pay?
You can pay by cash, card, or bank transfer. Payment is due at the time of the photoshoot. For any orders for mini shoot packages, or extras, full payment is due at the time of ordering.

On the day...

How long does the session last?
Full photoshoots last approximately 1 hour, mini shoots are approximately 15 minutes. Newborn photoshoots last approximately 1-2 hours, but may be longer depending on how baby is (we work to their schedule!). I always allow time for your family to become comfortable in front of the camera.

What should we wear?
​Neutral colours usually work best, but wear something you all feel comfortable in. It's usually best to avoid any bold colours, or anything with logos on.
For cake smashes you can opt for specialist outfits- websites such as provide such outfits. Some parents will dress their little ones in a smart outfit for the first part of the cake smash, and then change to just jeans or nappies, or will even leave their little one in the same outfit. Sometimes I have outfits available (such as rompers) so I can advise you further of this at the time of booking. For newborn posed photoshoots your little one will be without clothes for the majority of the shoot and so I recommend that you dress in a simple babygro.

What happens if my child doesn't want their picture taken?
This is a common worry with families, but rest assure that this is very very rare. As a Mum to two young children, I have a number of different tricks I use to get smiles and eye contact. The first and most effective is making you all feel comfortable from the moment we meet. I also have the added bonus of having a toy collection worthy of a Toys R Us pop up store and so can usually find a toy which distracts for long enough for even the most camera shy of children to forget that the camera is there.

What happens after the photoshoot?
Your images will be edited and if you've had a full photoshoot and have opted for previews to be shown on my Facebook page these will be added usually within 2 days. Once your disk of images is ready I will contact you to arrange collection or delivery. For mini shoots images will be edited and uploaded to my website usually within 4 days. I will message you with the details and to take your order for your free print, and any additional packages you may wish to purchase.

How long does it take to get my images?

For full photoshoots turnaround is usually approximately 2 weeks (although please note that this may increase at busy times). Minishoot images are usually placed on the website within 5 working day. Any mini shoot packages or extras purchased will usually be available within 2 weeks (depending upon supplier turnaround times; this may increase at busy times)

What happens if it rains on an outdoor shoot?
This is Britain and so this can happen often! Light rain, on and off isn't an issue, but if it's going to be very wet, or very cold, we will postpone to another date, or you can opt for a studio photoshoot instead. I will keep a close eye on the weather and we can discuss 2 or 3 days before if there are any concerns.

How long do you keep the images on file for?
I keep all images for a minimum of 12 months following the photoshoot. If you'd like to order any extras or mini shoot packages in the future (or if family and friends would) just pop me a message!

If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I look forward to seeing you soon!