08th April 2018
Hi everyone,

You may or may not be aware of a new law coming into effect from May 2018, it's the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Basically it's a new law designed to strengthen existing data protection laws and to make our personal data safer.

Currently I verbally ask every one who has a photoshoot if they consent to their photos being shared on the website/ social media. I understand that in this digital age some people feel comfortable with photos being shared and some don't so I have never assumed and always follow my client's wishes. From now on I'll be asking everyone to sign to say that they either agree or do not agree to this. I appreciate that this means we have a little bit of paperwork to go through at the beginning of our photoshoots but I have tried to keep this as simplistic as possible! So here's the main changes for my clients:

* I have added a terms & conditions document (which can be found on the website under the relevant header) which sets out exactly how I process your images, what you can expect, and how I store information. Please try and read through this before your photoshoot if possible, but I know having time to even go to the toilet alone with little ones can be a near impossible task so if you don't manage to read through it before the photoshoot don't worry I'll take you through it all on the day

* I have a quick client form for everyone to fill in during the photoshoot- this includes a section on whether you agree to images being shared or not. Even if you agree to the images being shared you can change your mind at any time and I will remove the images

* I have always kept photos stored in a secure device with no personal identifiable information attached and so this will continue. If you ever want me to delete your photos from storage then you just need to let me know

Emma xx
26th July 2016
Hi everyone,

I've decided to open the studio up on the 13th August from 1pm onwards for mini-shoots. These cost £10 and include a free 6x8 print. Booking is essential so please just pop me a message if you're interested or would like to book. You will be able to choose your backdrop and will have access to all my props too. Your photos will be in a private album on my website so you can view the collection and choose from very reasonably priced packages if you would like to purchase any more.

Here's some pictures from some of the mini shoots I did over the weekend so you can get an idea of how much we can do in a short space of time!

Hope to see you soon!

Emma xx
Photography Checklist
24th July 2016
Hi everyone!

I've had a lovely busy week photographing beautiful families and making the most of the beautiful weather we're having. There's been a mixture of studio and outdoor photoshoots this week- pop over to my Facebook page to have a look at some of the previews!

I was chatting to my husband about all things photography yesterday and I thought it might be helpful to pop some pointers, a checklist almost, for those looking for a photographer.

  • Technology has come a long way since the olden days of analogue cameras (which I love and still shoot on for personal use!), and digital cameras have made photography accessible to everyone. This also means that lots of people are offering services as a photographer. Cameras have lots of settings and most people will pop their camera on auto and shoot away, this will get you lots of great pics. However, no professional photographer should ever be using this setting. Us photographers will always use manual. The reason for this is it gives us a huge amount of control over the photos- we can use which bits look blurry, which are in focus, how much light we're letting into the photo and lots of other things too. Anyone calling themselves a professional photographer should know the absolute basics of photography and using a camera in manual settings is a clear measure of this. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer what mode they shoot in; I would be very wary of anyone not using manual but selling their services as a professional.

  • Copyright. This is a very confusing area for clients. As you know I sell my photoshoots to include a disk of the images. I also include a printing licence as part of this meaning that people can use and print the pictures for personal use. Copyright doesn't just give people the right to copy the images, it also involves publishing rights, the right to sell the image and the right to alter the image. If a photographer gives this copyright up they no longer own the image, they can no longer use the image in their portfolio/ advertising without permission and they can't republish them. Every photographer is different and what we capture with our cameras are different. How I photograph a family may be completely different to how a fellow photographer does. What you see with my photos is my style, and my brand. If a client owns a copyright they can alter images- so for example they can heavily edit, add filters, do 'selective colouring' and other fancy bits which might look fantastic to them, but might be completely different to the photographers style and no longer is representative of their work. Clients need, and want, a print release to print and use the photos for personal use. The vast majority of clients don't actually want, or need, a full copyright release of photos. Be very wary of any photographer offering full copyright with your images- it usually highlights that they don't understand copyright laws.

  • Editing. Every photographer will edit your photos. Having a photoshoot isn't as simple as taking pictures and then uploading for you. The type of file which I shoot on is called a RAW file which gives me a huge amount of quality and information in each shot. Because there is so much information each photo needs to go through photo editing software to prepare it. Depending on the type of photoshoot I can spend 2-4 hours editing. My style of editing is to keep things very simple and natural. I like for all clients to look at their pictures and to see their children's personalities shinning through, and I find natural does that best. Check through the portfolio's of any photographer you are looking at to see what their editing style is like and if you'd be happy with similar photos.

  • Ask to look through their portfolio, and ask for feedback from clients. Facebook is fantastic for this as you can pop on and look at reviews and feedback from others. The review section of a Facebook page can't be altered in terms of if a bad review is left the page can't remove it. The only thing they can do is to remove the review section all together. So go and do some research, go have a look on Facebook and read the comments from others.

  • Pricing. This is a very important area for clients, and usually the first thing on people's minds is how much this will cost. I try and keep my prices as reasonable as possible as I know how expensive families are and the list of what's needing is never ending! I would say to be mindful of pricing however, yes it's important but it shouldn't be the only criteria on choosing a photographer. The photographer is charging for the photoshoot, and also the time spent editing afterwards, studio space, equipments etc. There are many photographers offering very cheap photoshoots but sometimes this can be indicative of the quality of their work. In this case you may end up paying for the photoshoot and not being happy with the photos, or thinking you wish you had paid slightly extra and received much better quality photos. Having a photoshoot is an investment, and you should be really happy with the results so it's important to take into account portfolio, editing style and what you receive as part of your package. So some photographers will offer a 'sitting fee' which only includes the photoshoot and not the images, or a limited amount of the digital images, with a view to purchasing images/ prints on top of this. Whilst sometimes this can seem a cheaper option, often it isn't because of the add ons on top of the sitting fee. So find out exactly what is included in your shoot and look at the whole package the photographer is offering. Some photographers, myself included, will offer payment plans so don't be afraid to ask!

Emma xx
Siblings and Patience :)
10th July 2016
Hi everyone,

So after our little break away I was back to work this weekend. I've met 3 beautiful families over the weekend and it was all about the siblings this weekend. I LOVE sibling shoots! It got me thinking about one of the main concerns parents have when thinking about booking a photoshoot; many parents feedback to me that they were really grateful for me being so patient with their family.

I always say to people that Millie & Louis prepare me well for this job- they both hate having their picture taken. They have certainly trained me in the art of patience! I know how stressful the experience can be- you're so focused on making sure you have everything you need and so focused on how important it is to have the perfect pictures, that it instantly piles the pressure on you. That's where I come in! Coming to the studio is a new experience and some children love it, some are a bit bewildered by it. I have the understanding and patience to adapt to this. I want everyone who visits to leave thinking what an enjoyable experience it was. I don't want anyone to feel under any time pressure and I want you all to be as relaxed as possible as it's then that the best pictures will come. My aim is to capture your children's personalities, every child is unique and different, and making each child feel fully relaxed is my speciality. For example today I sat down singing (badly I should add) Twinkle Twinkle and a medley of songs with a little girl, this gave her parents the space needed to try and relax her baby brother which meant that we got some absolutely brilliant pictures. Millie and Louis are the perfect training for me!

Emma xx
Hello and Welcome!
24th June 2016
Hi Everyone! Welcome to Millie Loves Louis Photography!

I’ve finally finished my new website! I plan on adding blogs on here about the photoshoots I do and I’ll be posting images from the shoots. You can also contact me via the contact page on here, or you can email me at Of course I also have my facebook page-, and my Instagram page where you can keep up to date with all that Millie Loves Louis is up to!

I’m on a family holiday at the moment, so I’m taking full advantage of the spare time to get on top of the admin side of things (like finishing the website off!). When I get back I have a lot of exciting photoshoots over July, I can’t wait! I also have my first fayre which I’m attending. This will be at the Mum2Mum market on the 24th July from 2-4pm at Bradwell Lodge, Newcastle under Lyme. As well as having a stall on the day showing off some of my work, I’ll be setting up a mobile studio with mini shoots available. These will be priced at £10 per session (approx. 10 mins) and will also include a 8x6 image. I’ll also be offering special discounts on full photoshoots to people who book with me on the day too. I’m very excited to meet you all so pop along and say hello!

Hope to see you all there!

Emma x