08th April 2018
Hi everyone,

You may or may not be aware of a new law coming into effect from May 2018, it's the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Basically it's a new law designed to strengthen existing data protection laws and to make our personal data safer.

Currently I verbally ask every one who has a photoshoot if they consent to their photos being shared on the website/ social media. I understand that in this digital age some people feel comfortable with photos being shared and some don't so I have never assumed and always follow my client's wishes. From now on I'll be asking everyone to sign to say that they either agree or do not agree to this. I appreciate that this means we have a little bit of paperwork to go through at the beginning of our photoshoots but I have tried to keep this as simplistic as possible! So here's the main changes for my clients:

* I have added a terms & conditions document (which can be found on the website under the relevant header) which sets out exactly how I process your images, what you can expect, and how I store information. Please try and read through this before your photoshoot if possible, but I know having time to even go to the toilet alone with little ones can be a near impossible task so if you don't manage to read through it before the photoshoot don't worry I'll take you through it all on the day

* I have a quick client form for everyone to fill in during the photoshoot- this includes a section on whether you agree to images being shared or not. Even if you agree to the images being shared you can change your mind at any time and I will remove the images

* I have always kept photos stored in a secure device with no personal identifiable information attached and so this will continue. If you ever want me to delete your photos from storage then you just need to let me know

Emma xx