Siblings and Patience :)

10th July 2016
Hi everyone,

So after our little break away I was back to work this weekend. I've met 3 beautiful families over the weekend and it was all about the siblings this weekend. I LOVE sibling shoots! It got me thinking about one of the main concerns parents have when thinking about booking a photoshoot; many parents feedback to me that they were really grateful for me being so patient with their family.

I always say to people that Millie & Louis prepare me well for this job- they both hate having their picture taken. They have certainly trained me in the art of patience! I know how stressful the experience can be- you're so focused on making sure you have everything you need and so focused on how important it is to have the perfect pictures, that it instantly piles the pressure on you. That's where I come in! Coming to the studio is a new experience and some children love it, some are a bit bewildered by it. I have the understanding and patience to adapt to this. I want everyone who visits to leave thinking what an enjoyable experience it was. I don't want anyone to feel under any time pressure and I want you all to be as relaxed as possible as it's then that the best pictures will come. My aim is to capture your children's personalities, every child is unique and different, and making each child feel fully relaxed is my speciality. For example today I sat down singing (badly I should add) Twinkle Twinkle and a medley of songs with a little girl, this gave her parents the space needed to try and relax her baby brother which meant that we got some absolutely brilliant pictures. Millie and Louis are the perfect training for me!

Emma xx